Sl.NoYearSeasonTitleDetail Of TechnologyResultBeneficiaryImage
1 2016-17kharifIn-situ Moisture conservation through deep summer ploughing Moisture conservation in Paddy – Summer ploughing by MB plough Tillering- 15.2 (FP) Panicle-16.4 19.4 (RP) 18.3 10
2 2016-17kharifIn-situ moisture conservation through Zero tillage conditionsowing of Black gram by seed cum fertilizer drill under zero tillage condition Seeds, Tractor, pesticidesYield - 420kg/ha17
3 2016-17kharifIn-situ Moisture conservation through Soil Health ManagementGreen mauring by sunhemp. Sunhemp seed rate-20 kg/ ha. & incorporated in soil at 35 DAS Saving in nitrogen achieved due to green manuring (kg) - 26kg Paddy Yield - 42.4q/ha4
4 2016-17kharifIn-situ Moisture conservation through water saving irrigation methodSowing of Maize in Ridge & furrow methodYield-42.1 q/ha.5
5 2016-17kharifDemonstration on Drought resistant Paddy Drought resistant short duration Paddy Var. Sahabhagi dhan 27.2q/ha (RP) 23.4(FP) Effective Tillers/hill – 9.4(FP) 12.1(RP) 13
6 2016-17kharifCrop diversification From Paddy to Black gram & Pigeonpea in upland Paddy was replaced by Blackgram & Pigeon pea Blackgram - Rs.6100/ha. more profit earned pigeon pea - Rs.8400/ha. more profit earned7
7 2017-18kharifIn-situ moisture conservation measures Moisture conservation in Paddy – Summer ploughing by MB plough Paddy yield : Demo - 39.7q/ha FP - 37.1q/ha20
8 2016-17kharifIn-situ Moisture conservation through artificial ground water rechargePercolation tank-6m*3m*1.5 mpaddy yield 38.4 q/ha3
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