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1 2016-17emonstration on multimineral for faster growth rate and high weight gain of fish
2 2016-17Assessment of Blast in paddy
3 2016-17Management of Stem Borer in Paddy
4 2016-17OFT-Assessment of low cost poly tunnel for seedling raising
5 2016-17FLD on incorporation of probiotic as feed additive composite pisciculture
6 2016-17CFLD Oilseed,Kharif Groundnut
7 2016-17Cluster Demo. on Rabi Oilseed, Groundnut
8 2016-17Assessment of backyard poultry var Vanraj
9 2017-18CFLD on Oilseed, Groundnut, Kharif
10 2017-18OFT-Assessment of Pigeonpea variety
11 2017-18OFT- Assessment of Tomato variety BT-136
12 2017-18FLD-Demonstration on Sweet corn cultivation
13 2017-18OFT-Assessment of Weedicide in Paddy
14 2017-18OFT-Assessment of Java Punti (Puntius gonionotus) within three species IMC culture
15 2017-18OFT-Assessment of production performance in polyculture system through provision of Periphytic substrate
16 2017-18FLD-Demonstration on Ivy gourd
17 2017-18FLD-Demonstration on INM in cauliflower
18 2017-18FLD- Demonstration on floating fish feed to increase growth rate of fish
19 2017-18FLD-Demonstration of multimineral Envomin for more growth rate and high weight gain of fish
20 2017-18FLD- Demonstration of Jayanti Rohu to substitute normal Rohu in composite carp culture
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