Crop Cafetaria Details

Sl.NoYearCropSeasonVarietyCharterstics VarietySowingHarvestYield
1 2018CowpeakharifGayatriBushy type Ave. yield 70q/ha04.05.1828.06.180.24q
2 2018OkrakharifAaishwaryTolerant to YMV, Ave Yield - 95q/ha04.05.1801.07.18 0.4q
3 2018BittergourdkharifAakashAve. yield -125q/ha04.01.1928.02.190.55q
4 2018TomatokharifArka rakshkResistant to Bacterial wilt 29.09.1825.01.191.3q
5 2020PapayakharifVinayak/Red Lady/SintaHeight - 2.5 metres. Fruiting 4.5 to 8 months--1449 nos
6 2020DrumstickkharifBhagya/PKM-2seeds are rich in oil content   489 nos
7 2020LimekharifKagzipulp is juicy greenish   380 nos
8 2020OnionRabiLight RedRed coloured bulbs, Bulbs medium to large in size  50000 nos
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